To love and serve our Lord with everything we’ve got

kindergarten 2006 - let the children come to you (photo: Chapin Noel)

Mantras. A dime a dozen, right? I’ll take a nickel’s worth.

Does this post’s title, “To love and serve our Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind” concisely capture our daily goal?

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  1. Jeff,

    Those are one of those verses that are so packed with such a concise list of truths! You read it and go, “WOW! That says it all!”


  2. Bob, love it when a little says a lot.
    Bet you have an amazing day planned. 🙂
    Our weekend now involves a visit from our Family from Jacksonville, and a soccer tournament.

  3. Jeff,

    Me too – I like it when truths are put so concisely that you have to sit there and absorb how deep the statement really is!

    We definitely do, but we are taking it a little slowly today. Yesterday was a long, packed day with Star Wars, but it was well worth if for Graham’s birthday!

    I hope you have a great family weekend and fun at the soccer fields!


  4. Bob, hope by now your day has been amazing. What a lucky young man Graham is to celebrate here at Walt Disney World. Have an even more amazing night.

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