Tough love is kind

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Reminder to consider this idea that popped up just before bicycling yesterday.
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The bead jar was emptied one bead a week for 18 years (936 weeks). One blue bead remains to allow bead size context. The coffee mug is a gift from Donna Flanagin. Donna has read the 5 daily, differently-themed blog posts since the beginning in 2009.

Tough love is kind.

If you don’t prepare yourself for your future, you are being unkind to yourself.

If you don’t prepare your child(ren) for their future you are being unkind to them.

Tough to think about, right?

That’s why it’s kind.

You alleviate preventable hardship down the road because you planned ahead and acted ahead.

You changed when you didn’t need to.

It’s called being proactive and loving.

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