What Should Prayer Look Like?

Picture Hanging In The Hospital Waiting Room Yesterday
Picture Hanging In The Hospital Waiting Room Yesterday

What does prayer look like to you? Does it guide your daily work, even if you’re a surgeon?

To me prayer should be like eating and drinking.

It should be natural.

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  1. Jeff,

    Prayer has been treated so “formally” that most people don’t realize that HOW to pray. People struggle with the notion that praying is simply communication between a father and a child – not pontificating or coming into the presence of the Wizard of Oz. And that’s not just in today’s times. The 12 Apostles even asked Jesus, “How do we pray?” Up to that point, they had only been used to seeing the Pharisees giving formal rhetoric in the synagogues. Jesus then said, “Pray like this.” And then he gave them what is known as the Lord’s Prayer – in everyday language of conversation.

    I am reminded of a guy who I used to go to church with many years ago. I loved it when he was asked to pray in church. Walt was just a country bumpkin, weathered by many years of manual labor. He would start out his prayers, “It’s me again, Daddy.” And then what would transpire was something where I felt a touch like I was given a glimpse into a personal, intimate conversation between a child and his daddy. Some didn’t like him to pray – it wasn’t “proper” enough. Yet, I found myself AMAZED at his comfortableness with talking to God.


  2. Bob, people seem so afraid to trust their intuition.

    Prayer is conversation, appreciation, good and decent thoughts, helping others, helping yourself, fighting the tough fight against temptation.

    Thank you for painting a picture with Walt’s example.

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