A World Without Christmas?

Only Crumbs
Only Crumbs

“Can you imagine a world without Christmas?” Father Kenny

It’s only been one month, but I miss Christmas.

How about you? Do you miss Christmas?

Can still remember what our Priest said (above) at Christmas Mass. Can you imagine?

Oh, I get it, most people aren’t thinking about Christmas today, unless they are reminded from their credit card bill. Makes sense, I guess.

Christmas comes once a year. Lights, trees, songs, TV specials, food, gifts, traditions…

But what if we celebrated it everyday?

Can you imagine a world with Christmas everyday?

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    My son is sitting on my lap right now, still wishing every day was Christmas. It blows my mind how every day he asks, “When is it going to be Christmas again?” He is really into the Christmas spirit year-round. 🙂


  2. Bob, how old is he again? Hope he never loses that desire to have it be Christmas.
    Hope he never loses the desire to sit on your lap either. At least until he’s 16. 🙂

  3. Jeff,

    He is 6, but I don’t think some things are going to change. Christmas (and sitting on his Dad’s lap) are important to him!


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