Christians Are So Unique, Not!

Do You Smell Something Burning?
Do You Smell Something Burning?

Christian are so unique, just like everyone else.

Not exactly what you were thinking? Me neither.

The reality is humans are the same no matter where we live.

Eyes, ears, mouth, nose, heart, brain, arms, legs, torso, etc.

Christians really aren’t unique at all.

Certainly no more unique than non-Christians, or any other religious demographic group.

Well, almost. There is one small, seemingly insignificant difference.

Something about a walk to Emmaus.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    You know, I have a former professor from my undergraduate studies that taught a class called “Biblical Worldview.” He and and another professor even wrote a book that has now become a major text for Biblical studies called “Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview.” One of his quotes he used to say in class (now he says it from the pulpit as a pastor after retiring from teaching) was, “There are usually two unique differences between Christianity and any other religious group: how the story ends and how you plan to get to the afterlife.” In your seemingly insignificant difference of Emmaus, both were addressed! Without the “Emmaus experience” made possible by the resurrection, the afterlife of going to Heaven wouldn’t be possible!


    P.S. Here’s the book I referenced above:

  2. Well put Jeff & Bob!

    Without that “experience”, everything is just motions, promises & well-rehearsed traditions.

    All very human elements (well, except for one PROMISE).

    It takes more than we have and can give!

    We needed a little help. And by little, I mean unfathomably huge!!! =)

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