Christians On Early Retirement

Please Do Not Disturb
Please Do Not Disturb

“A Christian who is not evangelizing is a Christian on early retirement.” — unknown

There can be a fine line between being helpful and being obnoxious.

I often find people who don’t know me, and they start in on all the benefits of believing in God, and all the pitfalls of not, a little pushy.

And it is even realistic to describe my feeling as uncomfortable.

I pray that never makes anyone feel like that. The beginning quote here reminded me that it’s quite possible to have blind spots.

Does anyone know a good Optometrist?

By jeff noel

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  1. We’re actually touching upon this in our Sunday School class.

    It’s worth noting that our congregation is very morally conservative, which isn’t necessarily the case with all churches, and very strong in our belief that salvation comes through God’s grace and our faith in Him. And we believe very strongly in spreading God’s Word.

    But what we’ve talked about is that evangelism doesn’t always have to be in-your-face. It can also spread through our lifestyle.
    There’s a time and a place & jumping all over someone doesn’t usually establish a mutual respect that is very key to actually considering what is being said.

  2. Let’s allow our lives be our message. Let the Peace & Contentment we feel through God’s immeasurable grace and never ending Love be our sales pitch.

    Let our Faith, our Hope and our desire to serve others, be the closer.

  3. Christians on retirement says it all Jeff. Long story short I am trying to be more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit so when those opportunities arise I can share my faith. I find myself actually looking forward to the day that I actually retire so my passion can become my full time job. Keep challenging us my brother !

  4. Ok Brian, here’s a challenge.

    What if you don’t get to retirement? Then what?

    To me, each day is a gift to evangelize, in our own unique way. The way that we have passion around.

    In removing my crucifix, wanted to see if I could “show” I’m a Christian simply through actions, not “hardware”.

    As Casting Crowns sing so powerfully, “Let My Lifesong Sing For You”. Click to listen:

  5. Brian, PS. Have put the crucifix back on after several years not wearing it.

    Originally, when our son was at an age where we were constantly playing & wrestling on the floor, I removed it and hung it on a door hinge.

    The next day, an epiphany.

    Two years went by before it went around my neck again.

    Not having it there for 24 months constantly reminded me of the daily, even minute by minute choices I make.

    Far from perfect, it did help my GPA. 🙂

  6. You reminded me of a bracelet I have in my drawer. It is a very simple leather strap with 5 knots tied equal distant from each other. The tradition is that it is patterned after an old Blackfoot (my great-great grandmother Wealthy Braden was Blackfoot) tradition to remind a warrior of his family when he went to battle. . . . . every day is a spiritual battle ! Maybe I’ll wear my bracelet again as a reminder of the priorities in life as you have.

  7. Wow, that is so cool to have something that meaningful, from that long ago, still be something that would have the power, potentially, to change your life, and consequently, the lives of others.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Saw a great sermon yesterday by Dr. Charles Stanley “Fight Your Battles On Your Knees”. Began today at my “battle station” with the “Commander”.
    Thank you for how He is using you in my life Jeff !

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