Doug Landis Mouth Art

Is Motivation The Key?
Is Motivation The Key?

Do you have days where you think, “It’s just too difficult”? We all do.

What’s the solution? One solution is to look around and realize there will always be someone who makes your challenges like amateurish.

Doug Landis was a high school wrestler, until a wrestling injury left him a quadriplegic.

His brother said he was watching too much TV and presented a challenge to draw and placed a pencil in his mouth.

Click here to view the “mouth art” that Doug draws, with a pencil in his mouth.

We are all here for a reason. What is not obvious, is what we are here for. We must discover this on our own.

What do you think? If you know this to be false, will you help the rest of us understand?

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    It always amazes me how God uses circumstances in our lives that we initially see as detriments for a greater good down the road.

    I am reminded of a song from the group called Out of the Grey (a husband and wife team) called “If I Know You.” It is a song sung to God from the perspective of someone going through a tough time. Some of the lyrics go:

    She counts the hours as she recounts her tears
    This day in life feels like a thousand years
    But in the changing light of time a doorway forms in her mind
    She smiles and sings the song that pulls her through

    If I know You, You will turn this day into a perfect surprise
    If I know You like I know I do the worst of times will work out right
    Lord, I know there’s hope in sight
    You will get me through if I know You

    Again, you seem to bring me back to the idea of perspective! Thanks, Jeff!


  2. Jeff,
    It is snowing….again. We have apporximately 40″ on the ground.
    I put my back out moving logs yesterday and my wife is shoveling today (while I am happy not to be out there, I don’t like being a slacker).
    Right now, in my mind, this SUX!
    Anyway, thanks for keeping me grounded. Nothing I am going through amounts to much when it’s put it into a larger context.
    Thank you Lord for the snow…and my back pain.

    1. Neal, nice to hear from you. Thank you for your update on the white stuff. Sorry to hear about your back. Tricky things, those backs of ours. Seriously. Stay warm and well. jeff 🙂

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