Forgive Tiger Woods?

Do you? Can you? Will you?

Forgive Tiger Woods?
Forgive Tiger Woods?

Traveling all last week, I heard many negative and malicious comments about Tiger Woods. There’s a fairly rampant, and unfavorable, judgement on Tiger Woods, the Golfer.

And when I took this photo, I was actually in a negative judgement mindset as well.

And then it hit me. What about Tiger Woods, the man, not the golfer. The human being, just like you and me.

If Tiger Woods asks God for forgiveness, do you think God will deny Tiger Woods?

Would God deny you forgiveness?

Then why would Tiger be any different?

Then why would I be any different?

Opportunity isn’t always obvious.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    The problem, whether they will admit it or not, that a lot of people have with Tiger Woods is that their image of this “perfect man” has been shattered. People have a tendency to be harsher to those with whom they have chosen to put up on a pedestal who have let their perceptions down. But sin is sin and forgiveness is foregiveness. And no, Tiger was not perfect – even though he may have appeared to be superhuman on the golfcourse.

    That’s why I like to refer back to the Book of 1st Timothy. Paul was reminding Timothy that even he was a man with sin – if not, in his own estimations, the chiefest of sinners – and God changed him. Timothy didn’t know Paul before he knew God – he only knew him as the Great Minister of the Faith. But Paul wanted him to know that he shouldn’t be up on the pedestal – God is the only worthy one worthy of that position. And yes, Paul did say it was a daily battle.

    I guess I am saying all of that because it does disappoint me what Tiger did. Not only adults, but kids do look up to him as a role model. But sin does disappoint – it always has. God can still restore Tiger, like He restores us daily.


  2. I definitely took it hard as I heard all of the accusations. The fact that it probably took a lot of premeditation made it even worse.
    Regardless, I still hope that there is a hope for his family to stay together.

    @Bob. I agree whole-heartedly! I did a few month study of 1 Timothy and then started working into 2 Timothy. Paul’s story is one of much guilt and humility.

    @Jeff. Yes, I believe that God is absolutely ready to forgive. Of course, that is dependant on Tiger’s repentance.

    I pray for the best…

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