Funeral For A Friend

Peace Be With You Kevin
Peace Be With You Kevin

Ever get ahead of schedule on a project? Hardly ever right? Well, I can’t remember the last time it’s happened to me, except for right now.

It’s December 24, 2009, Christmas Eve as I write this, and we are getting ready for 5:00PM Mass, the Children’s Mass.

A few hours ago, my son and I attended a funeral for a friend.

Kevin and I were colleagues 14 years ago. His Family and my Family attend the same Church. his son is even younger than mine.

Kevin fought brain cancer, and had won, for the past eight years or so, maybe longer.

My Family and I were in Church when we heard the sad news this past Sunday.

Kevin went to Heaven. His funeral was beautiful. His life was beautiful.

Ever know someone, not well enough to be close friends, but well enough to call friend?

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  1. Jeff. Don’t know if you remember my two little sisters (Tina & Karin) that Teresa and I used to take to church occasionally when we lived in Poinciana or not. Karin was killed in a car accident a year ago December 4th. The good news is she had given her life to Christ while we lived in Poinciana and at her funeral her Mom gave me back the Bible I had given to her years ago. What a blessing ! She had been out of church for years, but recently had a course of events that brought her back to a closer walk with God and her Mom and a few others are now believers as a result. Good to know that God’s commitment to us is timeless. Look forward to meeting your young friend Kevin one day ! !

  2. Thank you Brian for sharing your story. So sorry to hear about Karin.

    Everything happens for a reason, even though we are tempted to not believe this, mostly because we can’t imagine God doing good through tragedy.

    How wonderful for your Mom to give you that special Bible. Wow.

    Kevan will probably be easy to spot. He’ll be the one surrounded by all the other’s affected by cancer, that he worked so hard to encourage and help, while he was here on Earth.

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