Guest Blogger This Sunday

It's Cold In Ohio
It's Cold In Ohio

Craig Nickoloff, from Ohio, will be’s Guest Blogger this Sunday.

Craig is a young man with a wife and two children. He’s a Christian, self-proclaimed Disney freak and a man who inspires me by his will and determination to become a better man, a better person.

We all struggle with it.

Can’t wait to introduce you to Craig on Sunday.

Have an AWESOME Friday today.

By jeff noel

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  1. You’re welcome Craig.
    Appreciate your patience. Am constantly reminded that writing five daily blogs, having a Family, Church, exercise, education, etc, PLUS have a real career, is simply part of the daily routine.
    The career portion takes top priority. Have dedicated my life to a company that stands for and delivers Excellence every single day.
    Heck, we built our house as close to it as we could.
    So the blogging….. it’s secondary.
    Does tomorrow feel like Christmas morning?

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