It Takes A Lifetime

Walking In His Shadow
Walking In His Shadow

It only takes a moment to become a Christian.

It takes a lifetime to become like Christ.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    Amazing – in such a few words, you have nailed down one of the theological cornerstones of the Christian faith. It isn’t just the act of accepting Christ, but getting on a road and moving from point A to point B. What happens between A and B – living the Christian life.

    I was on my way home last evening from work, and I was listening to a Christian radio station that was doing a ministry fundraising campaign. A lady on there made a comment that stuck with me. She stated, “The Christian life is like moving up the ladder toward God, one rung at a time. But the rung of a ladder was never designed for rest.”


  2. Bob, thanks again for sharing a simple, but remarkable quote to help all of us visualize our journey.

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