jeff noel, Why?

jeff noel, why do you always use lower case letters in your name?

Because it reminds me of my small place in this world.

It reminds of the impossible human goal to be humble.

It gives me a dose of courage every time I do it.


You try it. And see how ridiculous it feels to always use lower case. Always.

Being humble is not a destination, but a way of life.

I used to be so confused about this. And even as I end this blog post with my name in lower case letters, I am once again reminded of my small place in our great big world.

Sieze the day. Seriously. Grab it and take a risk that scares you to death. jeff noel 🙂

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    Coming from an old, backwoods Baptist church background in Tennessee, something tends to rise from me when I hear words like you have stated…something like, “Amen – that’s good preachin’.”

    You are right on target – it often is a daily struggle to remember that it isn’t “all about us.” Those little things, like the lower case letter for you, can help us to remember to turn our eyes off of ourselves…to go from being self-absorbed, to being servant-minded.

    Thank you for the great reminder.


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