Joy. Every night at dinner. And I do mean every night, we pray a little prayer I made up to help our son recognize life’s target:

“We pray for Peace in our Soul, Joy in our Spirit and Love in our Heart. For all our family, all our friends and especially all those people less fortunate”.

Yesterday, I met Joy face to face. Seriously.

I desperately needed a haircut. My wife has cut my hair for 30 years. In the 70’s it was only once or twice a year. No big deal.

Now, it’s every 3-4 weeks, to stay professional for work.

There are few people on the planet who work as hard as my wife. If you think you work hard, I put her up against anyone, anywhere.

Anyway, to give her a break, I paid for a haircut and met Joy. Joy is a Christian, a singer, a Pastor’s wife, a mother of four (19-26), a stylist, and one of God’s little helpers.

She helped me feel good about loving Jesus. How? Because of the way she talked about Him, as if he lived at her home.

I want to talk about Jesus like that too. Thank you Joy.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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