Not Fully Awake

Grabbed the wrong folder?
Grabbed the wrong folder?

Been awake for an hour now, but not fully, wide-eyed, awake.

Sort of a numb-awake, if that’s even a term. The kind of semi-conscious consciousness from working really hard at something and having “sore muscles” from it.

Except, these muscles aren’t physical, they’re spiritual. Ever think so much, or meditate so much that you’re mind and spirit are foggy the next day? Perhaps it’s the equivalent of a hangover, without the nausea.

So many people are struggling with so many things. It’s everywhere and affects everyone. It overwhelms me.

And I often feel guilty.

Do you ever feel similar to this?

Crazy thing is, it’s always been like this.

So it deserves more dialogue, if for no other reason than to clear some thoughts, or at the very least, grab the right folder.

By jeff noel

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    Coming from my perspective, this is the typical life of a Type A personality. Believe me when I say that oftentimes, I have a “feeling” that there is still more to do, but I know I can’t get it all done in a timely fashion. And then I feel guilty because I haven’t “done it all.” That’s when God throws things into my path to slow me down even more. Why would He do that? It is a reminder that I can’t do all things in my own power, but through Him, all things are possible in His timing. And it may not be at all like I planned out in my excruciating detail. That’s the story of my life.

    Like I told you before – I am working on a book. And all of this plays into the main idea of the book. I am there with you!


  2. Thanks Bob. Hmm. Type A. They get things done, don’t they? And then pay the price.

    Funny thing is, non-type A people also pay a price. Most people forget that.

    No matter what path we choose, there are always going to be challenges.

    Happy Monday. Make your week GREAT! Carpe diem, jeff 🙂

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