Church Is Not A Building
Church Is Not A Building

Nothing can separate you from God.


By jeff noel

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  1. This reminds me of a something I heard a few months back, I think John Piper said it. He was talking about how people tell him they don’t have anything to do with God/Christians/Church because they don’t like hypocrites. He said he tells them “if the only thing standing between you and God is a hypocrite, that just means the hypocrite is a little closer to God than you are.”

    I am thankful for God’s grace (neverending, unconditional love), or Rev. Piper’s statement wouldn’t be true.

    1. Wow. Meghann, that’s a powerful way of seeing the absurdity of not getting close to God because of hypocrites.

      Heck, we’re all hypocrites to varying degrees. Each of us can deny it, but the reality is, we aren’t perfect. Duh, right.

      So all we can do is beg God to forgive us and try to be as good and decent as we can, despite our limitations.

      Thanks for visiting and for commenting.

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