Safe For The Little Ears

Safe For The Big Ears Too
Safe For The Big Ears Too

Do you listen to music? I mean, all the time? Or do you listen to talk radio? Perhaps you don’t listen to radio at all.

It really makes no difference what we do.


Until we take an inventory of our spirit.


At any given moment, if you were put on the spot and forced to give an honest answer, could you immediately say, “I’m blessed beyond measure.”?

Could you? And we’re not talking some fake, or politically correct, “Of course!”

One of my secrets? Listening to Z88.3 every single day. The Z, as we call it here in Central Florida, plays contemporary Christian Music that is, Safe For The Little Ears.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    It is something I try to teach and remind my boys daily. I may not like the circumstances of which I find myself, but I know that we are so blessed by God in many ways.

    I am reminded of my mom who tells stories about all she went through growing up, and she finishes the stories oftentimes with, “And we were grateful!”

    We should be grateful…thankful!!! We are blessed!


  2. Amen Bob.
    Earlier this week I sat next to someone who lost nine family members in a single day.
    Can you imagine?
    A warm meal, a clean shirt, drinkable water, a soft pillow, breathe in our nostrils.

  3. Perspective – I think that is what a lot of people need a healthy dose of. People are often so blessed that they don’t realize how blessed they are – they take it for granted until they meet someone who doesn’t have similar blessings and are thankful for have the bare essentials.

  4. Yes. One of the simple goal of these blogs is help people exercise their “awareness” muscles. You know, the ability to recall, at any given moment, the essential, common sense items around – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money.

    And in the effort to help others, it has made the teacher better. 🙂

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