The End Was Imminent

We Will Miss You, Carter
We Will Miss You, Carter

Imminent. Looming. Threatening.

This is what we thought October 2008, just over a year ago.

Our beloved Canine Son, Carter, a nine-year old Yellow Lab, was very sick.

Our Vet spotted an unusual sore in the roof of Carter’s mouth during his routine annual exam two months prior.

The sore ate a hole in the roof of his mouth at an alarming rate – what seemed literally overnight. In hindsight, maybe we panicked.

We honestly thought that Carter may not see another weekend and we quickly made arrangements for “one last trip” to our favorite Family vacation spot, Sanibel Island.

We talked with our son (eight) about death. We talked about our favorite Carter memories. We talked about what we’d miss the most about Carter.

We said goodbye to Carter.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Carter is still with us. He still struggles with the complications from the hole when he drinks and eats, but overall, it’s a miracle he’s still here.

Tomorrow, the gift that visit brought us.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I am so glad you were able to have those crucial conversations with your son! You have helped to prepare him for so much more than just a passing of a family pet/child.


  2. Thank you Bob. Death is a glorious and once in a lifetime experience. Like anything else we plan for, death should be near the top.

    Thank you also for reinforcing my gut to talk about it before we need to talk about it.

  3. Tootie, thank you for visiting and for caring about Carter. Looks like you are a nature lover, especially Turtles. jeff 🙂

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