Walt Disney World Cast

Welcoming Committee at Walt Disney World
Welcoming Committee at Walt Disney World

Do you ever find yourself wanting to express your spiritual self at work, but struggle with the politically correct way?

A friend sent this link to Walt Disney World Radio, and the You Tube video of this Walt Disney World Cast Member speaks volumes about how to do it. Click here to view.

Art the greeter is his name. He exudes both the Disney Cast Member spirit and the Holy spirit.


Simply by being joyful, thankful, and focused on service to others.

And all this time, we thought it was complicated.

By jeff noel

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  1. it’s been 26 years and I still miss working at WDW, I love that he refers to everything the old school way..I still call WDW,EPCOT and explain to people what EPCOT is and EPCOT Center is..your a lucky dog

    1. Mike, what’s not to love about Walt Disney World?
      Walt Disney was and is an inspiration to many people.
      While you are sad to miss it, you might rejoice in having that opportunity that very few ever get – to actually call themselves, Disney Cast Member.
      Once a Disney Cast Member, always a Disney Cast Member.
      As you said in your comment at jungle jeff, you learned more about life from a few months as a Cast Member, than many other things combined.
      Thanks again. Carpe diem, jeff 🙂

  2. Your post prompted me to go to my photo box and sure enough there was a picture of my girls and granddaughter posing with Art. I loved the video and my girls were drawn in by his inner spirit. We missed him on our last visit. He truly was special. I would post it but I don’t know how.

  3. Amazing what a God-like spirit can do to people.
    Amazing what society and the corporate world can do to suppress a God-like spirit.
    Since the beginning of time, humans have struggled with this.
    Art makes it look effortless.
    That’s what we can all learn from Art – be joyful, thankful and serve others whole-heartedly.

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