Was It Worth It?

A Miracle, really.
A Miracle, really.

Life provides no guarantees except the proverbial “death & taxes“.

So, was all the effort, all those weekends, all those years worth it?

Um, yes.

By jeff noel

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  1. The Family that almost didn’t happen.

    American dream: nice house, big yard, couple kids, dog.

    Wait, did I say a couple kids? Sure did.

    We are blessed beyond measure to have one child.

    And when it looked like even that wasn’t going to happen, the American dream of nice house and big yard was meaningless.

  2. But Jeff, you were planning for the big picture! You had a long-term vision and goal!

    That’s something I try to teach my boys as well, as one sits here with me now and reads your blog with me.

  3. Humbled, Bob.


    Seriously humbled.

    Thank you Lord for the many blessings in my life and for the many blessings you bestow on every one, every day.

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