What’s Your Favorite Song?

A Song Can Takes Us Places
A Song Can Takes Us Places

What’s your favorite Christmas song of all time?

I mean, if you could only pick one, what would it be?

My wife’s Grammy, who died in my arms at age 93, always said Little Drummer Boy was her favorite. She went to Heaven in September 1989.

It never occurred to me back then to ask her why. Why would it have occurred to me?

Well, all these years later, “Why?” is a fun and purposeful question.

Why do you enjoy your favorite Christmas song? For no reason? Or, for some special or purposeful reason.

Hey, I realize some of you may say, “Jeff, not everything has to have a purpose.”

Right. And this is the fundamental difference between those that drift through life and those that make a difference.

I enjoy listening to “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” as much as anyone. It’s funny, unexpected, and way not serious.

But Little Drummer Boy is not only Grammy’s favorite, but mine as well. Why? because I Look for little ways to help our son understand his family’s history.

His Grandfather, Jack (not the bear), my Dad, was a drummer. He started playing drums from the moment he could hold drumsticks in his hands.

He hitch-hiked 100 miles to Philadelphia, from his row-home in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, just so he could take drum lessons from a particularly talented drummer.

He played drums in the Army band while stationed in Japan, during the Korean War.

He taught 30-minute drum lessons Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 4:00pm – 8:00pm, year round.

He played gigs on Friday and Saturday nights, year round.

As a young man, he had business cards printed. His title – “Drummer”.

From one stupid little Christmas song, a piece of our son’s family history is told, year after year.

But only if I put some thought into it.

And at Christmas, as it is all year round, it’s the thought that counts.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    My favorite Christmas song is one that doesn’t get much, if any, radio play time, but it does mean a lot to me. It is a song on Nat King Cole’s Christmas Album that includes the only song that get routinely gets played from it – “The Christmas Song” (“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”). But the song I am referring to “A Cradle in Bethlehem.” It is a lullaby type of song, and it was my song that I sang and rocked both my boys to sleep each night with when they were babies. It became my lullaby for them, regardless the season.

    Here are the lyrics:

    Sing sweet and low your lullaby
    till angels say, “amen.”
    A mother tonight is rocking a cradle in bethlehem

    While wise men follow through the dark a star that beckons them.
    A mother tonight is rocking a cradle in bethlehem.

    “A little child shall lead them,” the prophets said of old.
    In storm and tempest keep ’em until the bells is tolled.

    Sing sweet and low your lullaby
    till angels say, “amen.”
    A mother tonight is rocking a cradle in bethlehem.

    Like you, the meaning is just the meaning of the special words to the song – it tells a story beyond the song. Thank the Lord for memories. 🙂


  2. Jeff,

    My favorite song is a sad reminder for me. The song is Silent Night as sung by Bing Crosby is my favorite. 32 years ago this morning I was woken by the alarm clock with this song playing. My uncle came in my room to wake me and let me know my mom had just returned from the hospital. Overnight, my father had passed away. The words were never spoken. When I arrived in the family room mom was standing there hugging my sister. They were both crying. I knew what that meant. My grandparents, aunt and uncle were off in the kitchen at the other end of the room crying too. I was only 13 and this was hard to take. As a matter of fact it has taken me 32 years to deal with it.

    “Sleep in heavenly peace.” I know that is where he is and I will join him one day. I don’t know if I will recognize him but we will one day be reunited.

    There’s my story.


  3. Bob, when I emailed you with this question, “Do you think most humans have a favorite, that has verry specific meaning?”, I hadn’t heard from David yet.

    Nor had I received your note about Jingle Bells in 4th Grade.

    So, it sure looks like we all have favorites for various, specific reasons.

    Thanks for sharing. Nat King Cole will most likely get played tooday or

  4. David, nice to see you here in cyber-space, which is really the new “neighborhood”. Welcome. 🙂

    Your take on your favorite song really illustrates, to me anyway, that song is powerful, incredibly powerful.

    Sorry to hear yours has a sad memory. Love your opitmism that you’ll be together again.

    That’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? Love, foregiveness, eternal life.

    Merry Christmas! jeff 🙂

  5. o holy night….fall on your knees, says it all. the question is why are we so slow to fall on our knees?

  6. Mike, I couldn’t agree more. Not sure why we are so slow. Probably because we are so fast (busy, rat race fast).

    What’s sort of weird for me is that just this morning, over at https://jeffnoel.com/2009/12/24/christmas-eve-2009/ you’ll find two You Tube selection with the very song you picked

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family. jeff 🙂

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