When Will You Be Happy?

It felt good to attend Mass this morning.

Having just spent a week in Finland, it felt uncommonly special this morning to be around familiar people and familiar routines. And Deacon Jack gave the homily.

“When will you be happy”?, he asked.

He spoke about experiences from being a young boy first going to school, to graduating and becoming a young man, to getting married, to having children, to having grandchildren, to finally retiring.

Each achievement along the way was supposed to bring happiness. Each one did not. There was always something more ahead that would be the better thing, the thing that would bring real happiness.

Until he retired and said, “Is this all there is”?

He asked all of us, “What will it take to make you happy”?

To make a long story short, he concluded with:

“We may never get tomorrow, so why not be happy today, right now? We should be happy to know that God loves each of us, but many ask, how do you know God loves you? Deacon Jack simply pointed to the crucifix on the wall behind him”.

Be happy today, it’s a choice. Perhaps it’s the only real choice we ever get to make. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

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