jeff noel Spirit Filled New Year

Well Fed?
Well Fed?

“Happy New Year” !

Have you ever worked on an important project and found yourself looking for creative ways to do things better and faster?

The Church looks for creative ways to do things better and faster. Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Are you feeding your spirit? Feeding the spirit of others?

All we can do as humans is to attempt to put others first, attempt to serve.

And constantly look for better and faster ways to do it.

Are You Afraid?


Fear is a survival instinct. (think caveman) A gift, to keep us alive.

You get that, right? Fight or flight?

Fear is also an excuse.

“I’m afraid if I talk about it at work, socially, at the gym, with my neighbors, on the Internet, that I might ruin my chances for **insert** promotion, opportunity, relationship, readers, followers, advocates, etc.”

What the?

Exactly. An excuse.

I do not go around telling everyone I’m a Christian. In fact, I don’t tell anyone.

But I also don’t keep it a secret. In fact, I don’t keep it a secret from anyone.

I wonder if anyone else thinks like this. Actually, it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me being a Christian.

That’s when you know you are no longer afraid.