101 days later

Christmas evening 2012, 9:44pm…

Cheryl and Chapin in bed, and as I was readying myself for day’s end, the gentle tug of integrity.

You have five daily, differently-themed blogs to write, I heard my conscious whisper.

Do what you say you’re gonna do.

You’re good with yourself, right?

No one would know if we didn’t. Classic temptation. Right?

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The great Summer of 2012

FB fan pages
Mid Life Celebration FB fan page continues to evolve...it no longer reads like this.

What does the great Summer of 2012 hold in store for us the next three months? I’m so excited to push myself harder than I have in awhile. And this causes me to wonder if others have similar thoughts. And further still, how similar, or different, are our reasons for wanting to make this push.

PS. This need for a conscious push has been brewing for several months, maybe longer.

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Common Sense Got It’s Name From Two Words

Common sense tells Americans Freedom isn't free.

Common sense got it’s name from two words:

  1. Common: simple and prevalent
  2. Sense: realistic attitude to situations and problems

Happy New Year 2012. Will common sense become significantly common practice?

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