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Remember how confused and emotional we were after 9/11?

Tweet regarding 2015 Paris Terrorists
Not sure why, but this Tweet is intriguing.


Remember how confused and emotional we were after 9/11?


With emotions at a fever pitch, tempers flared and many wanted revenge.

Emotions ranged from sorrow to unadulterated rage.

An eye for eye.

Couldn’t help but dig deep under the surface to discern the root cause of such a brutal, seemingly unprovoked and undeserved, and senseless killing of 3,000 innocent people.

Yesterday’s post recalled the answer from the discernment.


A hate so deep and astonishingly pervasive.

The antithesis of love.

Seriously confused. Again.

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Please don't tell me

Either way, the world owns it

ESPN sports channel in waiting room at Sport Clips
Three strikes and you’re out. How many strikes does terrorism get?


Each barbaric, senseless killing of innocent, civilized, free people is another step closer to the world uniting.

We, the peaceful people of the world, are the targeted fascists. Let’s not be blind to the possibility the peaceful world is unknowingly being a passive aggressive bully.

Let’s also not be blind to the possibility that peaceful people may need to arm themselves against a devil so strong, it can no longer be “someone else’s problem”.

Either way, the world owns it.

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One simple wish for 2015

Orlando motivational Speakers


(photo: Yesterday while running into Walmart spent five minutes observing the laws of nature.)

One simple wish for 2015.

Be authentic with yourself.

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