President Obama Sobriety

Rarely watching TV, I was captivated the other night when Charlie Gibson was interviewing United States President, Barack Obama, on the ABC Evening News. The one word that really made me put things into perspective, was a word the President Obama used to describe how the decision to send US troops to Afghanistan was different […]

Short Stuff

After yesterday’s longer post, thought a short post would be appropriate. “Wisdom is knowing when you can’t be wise”. — Paul Engle Thank you for following this blog. Carpe diem, jeff noel đŸ™‚

A Good Cry?

ABC, Extreme Makeover – Home Edition. This show can humble me beyond belief. Last night was no exception. Why? Have you not seen the show? It makes me cry every time I watch it with my family, which is almost every Sunday night. I cry, not so much for the featured Family’s situation, as I […]

Orlando Magic and Disney Magic

Orlando Magic and Disney Magic. Game three is being played as we speak. There was a young girl, maybe seven years old, who sang the National Anthem. My wife told me she is autistic. While I don’t know the specific story, the summary is there was a time when she couldn’t talk. They discovered her […]