Hero by day, hero by night

Glacier National Park
GNP. Many Glacier in 1911, before the Hotel was built. Photographer unknown.

Live like your hero is always watching.


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Leadership accountability challenges

Disney intersection east side
On our (Disney) Eastern border, we head North toward Magic Kingdom to go home.

Leadership accountability challenges are common.


Lack of clarity.

If i asked you and your boss to each grab a post-it note and privately write down your top three work priorities, would your list match your boss’s?

What if the two post-it note lists matched?

What’s to gain?

What if they don’t match?

What’s to lose?

Finally, do you have company-wide standard buckets of focus? For example, at Disney, we have Employee, Customer, and Business buckets. Everyone is crystal clear on this.

Additionally, we have a second level of company-wide leadership standard buckets: Technical, managerial, and behavioral accountabilities. How well do you perform your responsibilities? How well do you manage time, money, and resources? And how well do you demonstrate the desired leadership behaviors.

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Be crystal clear and use simple, key, repeatable messages

Google Maps
Top right corner of photo…Arrival 6:53am at Rosen Shingle Creek.


Rosen Shingle Creek
AV check at 7am, right on schedule.


Critical to being a great leader is to be crystal clear and use simple, key, repeatable messages.

The world is crazy and we are busy enough with everything we are supposed to pay attention to.

Therefore, make the most important things habit.





Something worth defending.





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Targeted with unspoken expectations for bailing someone out?

Blood pressure monitor at WalMart


(photo: This doesn’t happen by magic, it happens by being responsible.)

Every person should learn to take control of their life.

If anyone lives in a paradigm thinking their child(ren), spouse, sibling, etc will take care of their poor choices in life ought to consider one thing.

What if something tragic happens to them first?

Then what.

Banking on traditional thinking or past practice is potentially deadly.

And wears on the ones targeted with unspoken expectations for bailing someone else out.

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Orlando Motivational Speakers

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…Ali…

Are you willing to put yourself out there and do what it takes?

When it comes to Orlando Motivational Speakers, what does Google show? There is a delicate, and foggy balance between humility and evangelization.

Jesus, Peter, Paul, John, Moses, Abraham, David and all the others had to get their name, their message out there.

They had to. There was no other way. There still is no other way.

Google, please accept this entry, jeff noel Orlando Motivational Speakers, as a search engine deposit. Thank you.

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