Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Busy-ness is our addiction of choice

Mickey Mouse's feet


(photo: Following in the boss’s foot steps)

People are so stinkin’ busy it’s not even funny.

This is one of the reasons Mid Life Celebration is so important to the world.

Busy-ness is an addiction – a way to entertain, distract, and medicate ourselves from the really important stuff.

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Common Sense

Are we addicted to toxic emotions?

motivational thought on inner peace
Any impurity contaminates the whole


Are we addicted to toxic emotions?

If we carry bitterness, anger, fear, regret, then yes, we are addicted.

Bold statement?

Untrue statement?

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The Other Side

Filled With

Torment. Pain. Weight. Pressure.

This is what addiction can feel like.

It’s impossible to comprehend, unless you’ve been called out, voluntarily or, involuntarily.

Sitting here at the Orlando International Airport, listening to the TV broadcast a documentary on alcoholism.

Listening to the personal stories, each one different, each one the same.

Does someone you care deeply for have an addiction?

Do you?

The answer to the second question is always no, isn’t it?

If only it were true.

Our Choices Make Us

Others May, You May Not

The King Of Beer
The King Of Beer

Are there activities, harmless on the surface, that others may do, but you may not?

There are, even if you can’t recognize them.

Tonight, there’s a get together of old friends, celebrating a recent wedding.

It’s BYOB, and some will drink adult beverages and loosen up their inhibitions and enjoy the buzz that alcohol so reliably brings.

Which always reminds me of one of life’s greatest lessons: Others may, you may not.

Our Choices Make Us The Other Side

He Prayed For Me On The iPhone

iPhone And Very Thick Book
iPhone And Very Thick Book

Ever have something nice, and completely unexpected happen?

Late yesterday, while I was still in the office (yes, on a Saturday), my iPhone rang. It was Keith.

Keith and I rode the same school bus for 12 years. I was best man in his wedding, which was like two days after we graduated from the Spring Grove Area High School, in 1977.

Keith lives in Hawaii now, but while he was back home last week in our small town, he said he heard from others about my Faith.

Keith, me and Jesus.

An unlikely trio.

Not any more.

(This may take a few days to explain)