Yes, indecision. Still. And it’s only been two hours since Catechism and I’m still torn. Miss Jenny said, “Follow your heart.” “My heart says stay. My logic says quit”, I reply without hesitating. Our class was smaller and more intimate, and Miss Jenny and I both thought sitting on the floor (for the first time […]

Advent 2009

Advent begins today. Click here if you’d like a refresher on Advent. Advent, preparing for the coming of the Christ Child. Is there anything more exciting, more joyful, than the anticipation of the coming of a savior? Seriously. Anything? I think not. At least not in my tiny brain. This year, a promise was made […]

jeff noel Enjoying Christmas Music

Have been thinking about Christmas. A lot. Started to listen to Christmas music today. Completely ready for it. Historically, Christmas comes and goes with amazing speed. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Christmas where we saw it coming and savored it in a way that will become memorable for the rest of our life? […]