Grace is granting favor to the undeserving

iPhone announcement in 2007
The iPhone 3GS was the most advanced device ever. It is the one he’ll receive to replace his water-damaged iPhone 6.


Grace is granting favor to the undeserving. Most of the time, the grantor’s generosity is taken for granted. This is the true test of their (the grantor’s) belief system.




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What Do You Mean You Don't Know?

Expect to get kicked in the teeth

Capitol Theater
serve others...just do it...

Even as you try hard to do nice, little things, expect that people will question your motives or tell you you’re not doing enough. Each time this happens is a moment of truth.

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it. Remember, God is walking right beside, every minute of every day. Bank on it.

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What, 3/5

Up a creek without a paddle?

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.

Anyone can feel close to God, especially when times are good, but remember…

Whenever you don’t feel close to God, guess who moved….

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The Gift That Visit Brought Us

Happiest Dog in the World
Happiest Dog in the World

We’ve been talking about a beloved Family pet, our Yellow Lab, Carter.

Virtually all pet owners understand the remarkable bond humans forge with their pets. And it’s especially strong in a pet relationship where there are no children.

Here’s the gift we received from what we thought was our very last weekend with Carter. We were staying at Mitchell’s Sand Castles, which is pet-friendly and on a quiet end of Sanibel Island. It was our 22 visit.

After a nice day on the Sanibel beach, with Carter at our side all day, we had a nice dinner in our cottage. I was walking contemplatively through the dark and tropical setting, taking the trash up to the road.

When around one dark corner, I was mildly startled by another man, standing by the road. Unusual, and a little freaky.

We said casual greetings and then he asked me, “Were you the guy with the Yellow Lab on the beach this afternoon?”

“Yeah, that was me.”

He said, and I will never forget this, “I’ve never seen a dog wag it’s tail so much. You must have the happiest dog on earth.”

There was a reason we went to Sanibel for Carter’s last weekend (so we thought) on earth.

It was so I could meet the total stranger out by the road, waiting for his pizza delivery guy.