Our Choices Make Us

Without someone to talk to?

Virginia license plate with inspirational message
Yesterday while walking back to car after a coaching session.


Ever feel like you are without someone to talk to?

Technically, this should never be the case.

i’m not here to tell you what to believe in. You need to decide that for yourself.

The message is clear though, whatever you believe in, believe all the way.

If you don’t believe all the way, you really don’t believe.

Think about it.

Best wishes for conviction.

Catch the subtle message in the license plate? Peace begins at home. So does conviction.

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What Do You Mean You Don't Know?

Am I a fair weathered blessing?

fair weather blessings
cloudy day with a hidden floor message


Am I a fair weathered blessing? Do I only give thanks when it’s convenient or only when it’s good?

Or do I give thanks all day, every day, no matter what? Even in heartache?

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