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(photo: the actual email above, copied and pasted below…)

Hey Jeff!! I have a few min here, i was with the grandkids yesterday and today i go to “work” and to my grandsons kindergarten class. 🙂

I “actually believe your thing can change things!!!”

Have you read A NEW EARTH by Eckart Tolle? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it!!

I have read it years ago after praying for a book that describes the way I live. I read it, shared it with many, but most can not get past the first chapter which in it it says, you may not be ready to hear/understand this, if not, stop and try later. When this kept happening I prayed for another book to say it in easier terms ~ WHALAAAA!! I read YOUR book, which you accomplished through The Holy Spirit ~ I am certain!! Are you as certain that you wrote it with The Spirits assistance?

It is my gift of the year to assist God in His work… AND I THANK YOU!!!

THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR message in easy to understand words and (to me and you) easy ways they CAN ACCOMPLISH it moment by moment…

This is in my humble opinion!! I DO BELIEVE and will be happy to spread the word of your newest adventure Jeff!!

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Rejoice when our fear of not trying is so much greater than our fear of failing

Amazon best seller rank for Mid Life Celebration
In 24 hours went from rank of 86k, to 10.4k, to under 4k (lower is better)


Rejoice when our fear of not trying is so much greater than our fear of failing.

Developing our spirit with indomitable will and endless faith helps us do things we need to do, even the ones that scare us to death.

Took 30 years to write the first sentence. Two more to finish. And two more after that to get the guts to publish.

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Hoping the inbox has a few emails from the chosen ones

Mid Life Celebration the book, first 20 copies
Mid Life Celebration the book, first 20 copies (gave most of the red ones away)


Sometime later today, hoping the inbox has a few emails from the chosen ones.

Four days ago sent seven copies (only 10 in print) of the book to seven of the most active MLC supporters.

The three others copies? Keeping the original I read (and reread – 10 times so far), one copy voluntarily sent for an audit, and one copy to frame (or something) for posterity.

The spine was printed incorrectly, so ten corrected copies just arrived a few days ago. Ten free copies to review and share are a typical first step in the printing process.

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Praying for wisdom on an obscure thing

Mid Life Celebration Amazon book page
Screen shot October 20, 2013 (we are still in the final arrangements stage)


What are some of the most obscure things we might pray for? You know, things far, far off the generally accepted and most popular lists – healing, love, comfort, compassion, forgiveness and so on.

What about obscure things? Topics or subjects unknown to most?

Praying for something obscure? Yes. Praying for wisdom with book pricing on Amazon.

Bear with me. So much going on (for so long) on the back end that no one can prepare an entrepreneurial author and speaker for.

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Dove Awards & Orlando’s jeff noel

“How vane it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live”. — Henry David Thoreau

I feel fairly qualified to sit down to write five blogs each day. Turning 50 last week, overcoming addiction, triumphing over disability, and dealing with a host of other life-changing events, has prepared me to write and to inspire. Even if ultimately, I’m the only one inspired. 🙂

A man who has inspired me for nearly 20 years, is the one who shared the awesome Thoreau quote.

Lee Cockerell’s blog is an excellent place to go for inspiration and practical, common sense leadership advice. The quote above is from Thoreau. The timing is from Lee’s website it’s on his home page.

There is some special wisdom about doing small things with great love. The continuing story of “Dovey” is helping me understand this more clearly, as I watch in wonder as the miracle unfolds each day.

Last night’s and this morning’s very short video updates:

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂