Our lives are intertwined with specific randomness

  Our lives are intertwined with specific randomness. We all experience the full gamut of life’s emotions. In different ways, at different times. Yet we are united in the sameness. If you can recall the most important conversation you’ve ever had a with teenager, know that it happened yesterday for the soul writing these blogs. […]

Two souls, two bikes, honeymooning in Victoria, British Columbia

    Two souls, two bicycles, honeymooning in Victoria, British Columbia. It’s risky when we do things radically different than the way our family, friends, and even society in general traditionally does them. Hitch-hiked 600 miles with two bicycles, $200, and no deadline or destination to be concerned with. No amount of money, nor fancy […]

Please Pray For This Family

Please pray for this Family. There’s a very special Family in mind, and you most likely don’t know them, but also most likely, you know someone just like them. A year ago today, in what was simply another ordinary day for this Family, the phone rang that night. “Your daughter has been in an accident”. […]