She couldn’t answer the question

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Should every adult over 40 have a ready answer?

What’s at the center of your emotional, spiritual core?

Not a trick question, and not a question with only one correct answer. There are many diverse ways to manifest this.

Are you old enough to have had more than enough time to decide for yourself?

You don’t have to decide, you’re an adult.

But why wouldn’t you?

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Unanswered questions are gold

unanswered questions are gold
Gold is reserved for the tallest spires

Ever wonder why some people seem happier than the general population?

Ever wonder why some people get promoted much faster than others?

Ever wonder why some people have six or more children?

Ever wonder why people give up too soon?

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You Know Where To Find The Answers You Seek?

Inspiration can arrive at any time. Stay present and focused and the answers will appear.

Dear Son, as you grow and mature, life will throw you many intense distractions. Failure and seemingly insurmountable obstacles will fight tirelessly with you – hoping you will compromise, or ultimately, quit.

The answers you need – to keep you going – are within you. Bank on this. But don’t bank on it being easy or quick.

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