The biggest reason why Christianity gets a bad rap from some

  One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, or does it? Christianity is such a lofty aspiration – to be a good and decent person all the time. Yet we are flawed individuals. Every last one of us. Weirdly, and inappropriately, we expect Christians (or Muslims, etc) to be perfect. There in lies […]

Military Man or Angel?

Yesterday’s post ended with, “Five minutes later, he was an angel.” However our encounter started an hour earlier. When I first approached him, he was having breakfast in the small food court. We were the only people there at the time. I asked him permission to say something and, of course, he graciously granted it. […]

I’m Afraid of Success

I’m afraid of success. I think. Not sure exactly. In teaching yesterday afternoon, here in St Louis, while my colleague was speaking, I had these little moments where I did a quick inventory of my life. It went something like this. “Am I a living example, a role model so to speak, of the concept […]