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The Shepherd serves the flock, not the other way around…

With 3,600+ Mid Life Celebration, LLC blog posts – all original content, all from one person – The Blog Whisperer, jeff noel’s proof is obvious.

While Jesus was alive, do you know how many people thanked Him for all His hard work, and for giving His best away for free? The answer is sad.

It didn’t stop Him did it? Nor should it stop you or me from doing what we can to help make the world a little nicer. You in?

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Pastor Wants Me To Teach Him

From The Apple Store To My Home Office
From The Apple Store To My Home Office

When was the last time someone came up to you and asked, “Will you teach me how you do it, since you’re an expert?”

Like never, right? Yeah, me too.

But yesterday that changed. A neighbor, and Pastor, asked if he could “shadow” me and watch the blogging process. He knows I write five different, but interconnected, blogs every morning.

Our first meeting will be in the next few days, at 5:30AM.

Are you dedicated? Are you an expert? Do people ask you for advice?

You’re invited to share tips here if you want. Or, just come along for the ride. God doesn’t waste anything. Everything is used for good, even our mistakes and regrets.