Why Do We Fear God’s Abundant Blessings?

When jeff noel was invited to become a professional speaker in 1998, he was afraid. Afraid to change his career course from Disney Resort Operations to professional speaker. Afraid of standing in front of hundreds, even thousands, looking foolish. Yet something spoke to him in a way jeff couldn’t understand at the time. And now […]

Are We Afraid To Let Go And Let God?

jeff noel sometimes has these moments of creative, uninhibited trust with God. He wishes they happened more often. Anyway, when they happen, they are like these magical, loving gifts that make the journey suddenly easy, light, joyful, remarkable. noel also believes they are continuously placed in front of us. He’s We’re just too busy to […]

Who Are We To Believe That We Have Something So Unique No One Else Has It?

Building bridges? Between shores, nations, or co-workers? Some talents are not easily recognized. And some talents often don’t look like serious effort. But we know better. Take the public life of a United Nations diplomate, or the obscure life of a front-line supervisor at McDonalds. The is one of Faith’s biggest challenges – to believe […]