Mid Life Celebration Is Committed To Work Life Balance And Baby Boomer Wellness

It has something to do with values, commitment and courage.

Dear Son, here’s a dirty little secret I’ve been quietly teaching you for 11 years: only 3% of the population, in any endeavor, will be fully committed.

The other dirty little secret is that nearly 100% want to be committed, but can not handle the focus and discipline required. They (the 97%) have it in them to be committed, but haven’t found the secret the others (the 3%) maximize.

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Boomers, There’s A Funny Thing About Not Getting Upset Very Often, If At All

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As Baby Boomers age and become wiser, more spiritually centered and more focused, they become questionable in the eyes of those less wise, less focused, less centered. This midlife wisdom can often be misinterpreted as a lack of concern or caring. In reality, it is the art of learning to let go of the uncontrollables.

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