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Never Get Bored With The Spiritual Basics

Today, jeff noel is going to spend the day focused on never getting bored with the spiritual basics. Walt Disney never let boredom get in the way of his creative storytelling. Ever. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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Why The Spiritual Basics?

We can never get bored with the spiritual basics. Can we? What tempts us to get bored? Why do we think the basics ae relatively unimportant? Do we even think about such things?

Is it because they are too basic. Too elementary? Too simple? Is this why it’s not on our daily radar screen?


We can never get bored with the basics. Ever! What example do we set for the people following us – family, friends, colleagues and others we don’t even know about.

Tomorrow marks the seven month “anniversary” of starting every day on my knees. After 50 years on our planet, it occurred to me that starting each day on my knees was as basic as it gets. And yet, I had never done it. Why?