Why Not Me

Doctors Said Her Days Were Numbered
Doctors Said Her Days Were Numbered

Bella, the niece of our friends Kim and Ralph Rodriguez-Torres is now cancer free.

The local CBS Miami affiliate ran this story, which begins 90 seconds into the video clip.

All proceeds from the sale of “Why Not Me” go to finding a cure for pediatric cancer.

Bella is the only surviving human of this rare type of cancer.

The explanation?

A Miracle!

World Peace? It can happen, but it will require a miracle, and exceptional leadership.

Miracles Do Happen

Coincidence or God-Incidence?
Coincidence or God-Incidence?

Ever decide to do something at the last minute, like an unplanned errand or something simple like that, and find yourself in a set of circumstances that just feels like God had planned it all along?

Last Friday was like that. Went to my Church to reserve a booth for the September Women’s Expo, and ran into Kim, the wife of Ralph, who selflessly lead our Men’s & Women’s Emmaus groups.

Kim and Ralph have a niece in Miami. And Bella is a miracle. The only person ever, in the history of the world to survive a very rare form of cancer.

Kim had in her hand one of only three copies of Bella’s book, “Why (Not) Me?”

With 180,000 books written each year and 80-million blogs and growing, not to mention Facebook, texting, email, jobs, news channels, You Tube……

Selling a book is next to impossible. All proceeds from this go to cancer research, so selling lots is important. Not to mention the hope and support this offers to others facing their cancer battles.

Bella’s video made me cry.

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