Boomers, Life’s Big Choices Are Few, With Many Secondary Decisions

Advancing or retreating are two of life's choices

Our mental, physical, spiritual, financial (job) and administrative (paperwork of life) responsibilities comprise Life’s Big Choices.

Choices and decisions are similar yet different. We must choose where we will focus our commitment. We must decide many things that come from those choices.

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Isn’t It Remarkable How Many Doors In Life Are Left Unlocked?

More often than not, all we have to do is ask for a seat

How is your courage these days? Stronger than ever, about what it’s always been, or at an all time low? The beautiful thing about trying and failing is that we also succeed. Not every time, but often enough to see the pattern. You do see the correlation between risk and reward, right? The spirit is always willing, but the flesh (or the courage, in this example) is weak.

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Boomers, What Would Be A Good Reason Not To Start Each Day On Our Knees In Prayer?

Each day we live is another day with the privilege to try to make a positive difference (Bahamas)

Boomers, what would be a good reason not to start each day on our knees in prayer? So fellow Midlifer’s and (self-proclaimed) prayer warriors, jeff noel thought long and hard about today’s question and came to this conclusion: Nothing!

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