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Being a noticer is a double-edged sword

small unique pink flower
Unusual flower next to the sidewalk, about the size of a quarter.


Being a noticer is a blessing and a curse.

Blessing because you discover so much.

Curse because you discover so much.


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Dear Son

No in between

child-like wonder
Child-like wonder is a real thing.


Seems as though you bless every dinner before eating or you don’t.

No in between.

What will the youngsters learn from either habit?


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This website is about our SPIRIT. To enjoy posts about our WORK, click here.


Blessed Beyond Measure?

Should it be this easy and is it showing off?

Montessori World Middle School classroom
Thankful everyday for this middle school classroom and teacher.


Can you easily make a decent daily list of blessings without too much thought?

Yesterday i was thankful for:

  1. Mother-In-Law’s successful heart ablation surgery and dismissal from the hospital.
  2. Having a teen who is maturing nicely.
  3. Having an old car that always starts.
  4. Having really nice running shoes.
  5. Having the motivation to exercise regularly.
  6. Living amongst the world’s best theme parks.
  7. Having a world-class Orlando Gold’s Gym nearby.
  8. Having healthcare insurance to cover most of my physical therapy.
  9. Being a small business entrepreneur with big dreams.
  10. Having 30 years of Disney experience from which to build the business.
  11. Having a Twistee Treat Ice Cream place two blocks from school.
  12. Etc, etc.

Writing five daily, free, differently themed blogs for 2.1k+ consecutive days is one of the most ridiculously impossible goals anyone could ever imagine.

Thankful for that too. Everyday.

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The goal of death is to welcome it and see it as a blessing

Steve Jobs quote on living and dying
The goal of death is to welcome it and see it as a blessing


It’s the great equalizer, isn’t it? Death. No amount of experience, wealth, status changes this. Ever.

The goal of death is to welcome it and see it as a blessing.

It’s one of the top three most magnificent days of our life.

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No Regrets If Today Is The Last

Our beloved Canine son, Carter, our 11-year old Yellow Lab, is very sick.

What started a few weeks ago, appearing to be the a routine distraction from food – a neighbor’s pet in heat – has manifested itself into complications we may not recover from. Cancer.

While our hearts are breaking, they are not completely shattered. Big difference.

We have no regrets with Carter. We have given and received all there is and was, to give and receive.

Peace and blessings. Faith, Hope and Love.

Life. Death.

Trust in the Lord with all our heart, all our mind, and all our strength.

And then cry like a baby, until we can no longer stay awake.