Baby Boomers Have A Huge Opportunity To Steer The World

There are few public figures that can stand the long-term test of authenticity. There’s a consistent flow of civic, industry, spiritual, and financial leaders who have secret personal lives revealed to the public’s shock. How could he? In our own small, individual way, we Baby Boomers have the greatest opportunity to affect positive change. Many […]

Must We Be Good At All Five Of Life’s Big Choices?

Dear Son, you don’t have to be good at anything. No one does. Everything is a choice. I’ve discovered five big ones: Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ. It’s simple. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. In physics, and in life. Be careful, and, good luck. Next Blog

Must We Maintain Personal Organization?

First, being organized doesn’t make life easy. It makes life easier. The relative degree we develop processes and systems for our life will be the relative smoothness of our lifelong path. Imagine the birds without the drafting ability of the “V” formation. They could still migrate, but the toll of flying inefficiently, well, you get […]

Must We Maintain Good Financial Balance?

Dear Son, the goal is to spend less than we earn. You will find few people in today’s world with the desire to do this. So much pressure, from every possible angle, tells us more is better. Buy now, pay later. Keep up with the Jones. What no one teaches us is there’s a long […]

Must We Maintain Good Emotional Disposition?

Spirituality is a hard thing to measure in others. It is, however, relatively easy to conduct a self-assessment. But unless we share the results, no one but us knows. Risky. Because the essence of Faith is believing in the unseen, our own spiritual assessment may be skewed. Next time you’re faced with a crisis, monitor […]