Too lofty?

  Dave’s House is dedicated to providing hope to the mentally ill. This is the essence of Mid Life Celebration’s mantra: Do something great before you die. As Baby Boomers retire, they’ll have discretionary time they never had as an adult. A golden opportunity the world has been waiting for?   __________     On […]

Boomers, you probably don’t know that you know this…

Harry Chapin sang “Cats in the Cradle”, the tale of a Father who learned the hard way his grown son had turned out just like him. Boomers, you probably don’t know that you know this… Treat everyone with kindness, even those who are rude to you. Not because they are nice, but because you are. […]

Boomers, Why Is It That Our Life Choices Are Usually Inspirational Or Embarrassing?

Why is it, Boomers, that our choices are usually inspirational or embarrassing? If we go, it inspires, if we falter or flee, it embarrasses. Maybe this is the fight or flight survival instinct animals are born with. jeff noel often poses a question when he’s faced with fight or flight, “Ten years from now, will […]