Dear Son

Dear Son, On Your Knees?

You'll Have To Choose Everyday
You'll Have To Choose Everyday

Dear Chapin…

August 1, 2010, just a few days ago.

It started like every other day for the past 16 months.

How did it start for you?

I often wonder what life would be like if everyone started on their knees in prayer.

Ever wonder that, or am I the only one?

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November 2009

Advent 2009

Advent begins today. Click here if you’d like a refresher on Advent.

Advent, preparing for the coming of the Christ Child.

Is there anything more exciting, more joyful, than the anticipation of the coming of a savior?

Seriously. Anything?

I think not. At least not in my tiny brain.

This year, a promise was made to be more prepared than ever before. To:

  • Be fully present
  • Be fully alive
  • Be fully joyful
  • Be fully hopeful
  • Be eternally grateful
  • Be “bow-down-on-my knees” humble

But that’s just me. What and or how are you preparing?