Is it ok to break the law when it suites you?

Lent reading
Yesterday morning (3rd Sunday of Lent) Father John (standing in background) said the bottom left is his favorite reading of all time.


Notes on church donation envelope
Had an idea and wrote it on our weekly donation envelope. .think .differently about leadership, engagement, service, connection, improvement.


Is it ok to break the law when it suits you?


Right, it sounds like an obscure question, until it isn’t.

Do you drive the speed limit all the time?

Check me if i’m wrong, but speed limits are backed by scientific research to determine the safest speed on a particular stretch of road.

Safest meaning it saves lives and minimizes physical damage.

Yet i don’t know a single person who always drives the speed limit.

So i stopped exceeding the speed limit years ago.

i couldn’t stand my hypocrisy.

And, driving the speed limit reduces stress in unimaginable ways.


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Camel’s Back & The Straw

Ever heard the phrase, “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back”?

It’s a phrase I’ve heard a 1,000 times in America. Camel’s are incredibly strong and resilient. However, they do have a breaking point, a threshold that can be too much, and they collapse.

And when the breaking point is about to be reached, it can be something as small and light as a piece of straw.

Yesterday was like that. Was asked to substitute as lead teacher for last night’s Catechism class. For a variety of reasons (one’s I feel are valid), my son and I skipped Catechism last night.

Just couldn’t do it. Preparing for and leading the class was more than I could bear. Yes, guilt started to overwhelm me. Yes, felt I couldn’t say no, but did anyway.

Yes, from a distance, it only looked like a small and light piece of straw. Carpe diem.

PS. We did do the lesson at home, so our son wouldn’t fall behind.