Yes, indecision. Still. And it’s only been two hours since Catechism and I’m still torn. Miss Jenny said, “Follow your heart.”

“My heart says stay. My logic says quit”, I reply without hesitating.

Our class was smaller and more intimate, and Miss Jenny and I both thought sitting on the floor (for the first time ever), would be a good state change.

If you’ve never tried to capture and maintain a group of children’s attention between 6:30pm and 7:45pm, then you have not experienced one of life’s great challenges. Whew, it’s one tough teaching assignment.

But tonight (actually last night) was glorious (not perfect), and if they were all like this, it’d be easier. But they won’t be and it isn’t.


Catechism. Missed the first one last night.

Life is insanely busy for many people. Organizational structure can help alleviate (not eliminate) common, everyday hassles.

To that end, every day my wife takes our son to school (no bus service available). I pick him up. When there are exceptions to this process, the alternate plan is simple and crystal clear.

Everything changes. Like when I travel. Like yesterday. So I missed the first day of Catechism.

Not a big deal. Usually. Except for one thing. I volunteer as a “junior assistant” third-grade Catechist teacher.

The full time teacher is a pro and can clearly handle my absence. But it’s not her I’m worried about.