His passion is the passion of Jesus

Celebration at Rosen Shingle Creek
Father Ennis has created an awesome legacy in 22 years serving Holy Family Orlando


Preist celebrating 50 years
Father Bill Ennis celebrating 50 years of being an ordained Priest


More than 1,000 of us celebrated Father Ennis’ 50th Jubilee – 50 years as a Priest serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. His passion is extraordinary. Inspiring. What else would one expect from someone ordained to follow Jesus?

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Happy birthday to a most magical, spiritual place

Authenticity, and transparency, is the new currency…


Happy birthday to a most magical, spiritual place. All the opinions, stories, beliefs, and what not shared at Mid Life Celebration, LLC are my own and are in no way professionally related to my 29 years of service at Walt Disney World.

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Insight: Social media is still an uncertain, and grey area.

Midlife Celebration Follows jeff noel’s 97/3 Rule

Few walk against the grain.

Dear Son, the facts of life are real, but no one would ever describe them as fair. But life’s facts are indeed, fair. Surrendering, serving others, and self-control are extremely simple concepts to grasp – common sense one might say, but far from common practice. Can 2012 be our best year ever? Probably for 3%.

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Mid Life Celebration Is Committed To Work Life Balance And Baby Boomer Wellness

It has something to do with values, commitment and courage.

Dear Son, here’s a dirty little secret I’ve been quietly teaching you for 11 years: only 3% of the population, in any endeavor, will be fully committed.

The other dirty little secret is that nearly 100% want to be committed, but can not handle the focus and discipline required. They (the 97%) have it in them to be committed, but haven’t found the secret the others (the 3%) maximize.

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Things In Midlife Go Better With…

Things go better with...

Phrases, products, icons, images all influence the way we think. What jeff noel has learned as a midlife Baby Boomer is this is a blessing and a curse. It works only where we focus our attention. While we live on Earth now, we will not remain on Earth forever. The best time to look for a job is when we don’t have to. The best time to prepare for the afterlife is when we don’t have to.

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