Chain of Excellence

Small Pixar toy characters in mountains
Pixar Soul premiered 2021…hence these figurines in Glacier Summer 2021.

Chain of Excellence:

Common sense

Given a choice between thriving or surviving, no organization picks surviving. Jeff uses irrefutable common sense, like this example, as one of three main teaching tools. Here, he lays the organizational foundation: vibrancy, not survival, is the only goal.


What is the supreme goal of every customer interaction? Jeff uses questions, like the supreme goal, to reveal operational, cultural gaps between what is essential and what is reality. Essentials, the foundational basics, must be daily reality for vibrancy to flourish.


Status quo. Average. Industry standards. Past practices. Meeting specifications. Tradition. Dogma. And, eventually, organizational irrelevancy. The solution, look at the opposite end of every spectrum. Jeff’s TED Talk, Why Going The Extra Mile Is A Flawed Concept: And What To Do Instead, reveals the competitive advantage of going the extra inch. Jeff’s first book, Mid Life Celebration, is the paradox of Mid Life Crisis. And his nine-season, 100-episode podcast (If Disney Ran Your Life) is the antithesis of ‘balance is a myth’.

Why this book is valuable

This book is valuable because it has no peer.

Why 7 Disney Business books?

A better question, and paradox, is why not seven Disney business books?

The best analogy i can make

If you know what should be done to move from organizational survival to organizational vibrancy, but don’t do it, you don’t really know. To know is to do. To know and not do is to not yet know.

3 tools of my trade

Ask simple, powerful questions. Look at the extreme, invisible paradox. Trust your gut with common sense.

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Then what?

Disney Keynote speaker Jeff Noel
If Jeff can walk from home to your conference, he will offer you another $5,000 discount from his North American retail fee.

Then what?

You have two simple, powerful options:

  1. Decide that the private Keynote gave you everything you need.
  2. Or, ask Jeff for more.

So far so good. How much does this cost to opt in?

Jeff’s North American Keynote fee is $25k.

Wow, that’s a lot for an intimate VIP private keynote.

And, you get Disney’s time-tested, world-class Organizational Vibrancy ‘operational secrets’.

Plus, you get Jeff’s lifetime career Disney and Disney Institute wisdom.

After the private Keynote delivery, if you are good to go, you can stay in touch while you independently begin your work to create, maintain, and improve your own brand of Organizational Vibrancy.

Please know you may exercise an intriguing option, valid for three months from the VIP keynote delivery…

If you want more assistance from Jeff, your next contract will include a $10k credit from your original VIP Keynote fee.

If for example you contracted a 60-minute Disney Customer Service Keynote for your entire organization for $25k, you can create this scenario:

  • $25k minus 20% discount for full payment at contract signing.
  • Jeff applies $10k credit from private keynote:
  • That $25k VIP keynote investment nets to only $10k.
  • Bottom-line: Book a 60-minute Disney Customer Service Keynote, unlimited #people, only $10k.


Oh My Fairy Godmother. For real.

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This website is about our SPIRIT. To enjoy today’s post about our WORK, click here.