Change is in the air

Nice to see Roy Disney in the mix.

Change is in the air.

Building a company?


After 11 years of slow and steady, ready to see where Cheryl and i take it.

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Day two for a new start

Senior couple walking near Walt Disney World
Yesterday. They are out everyday. Guarantee you they are grateful to be able to walk..


A friend sent this yesterday. This is another way of saying what i always say, “Be grateful for everything.”

As a Cast Member that was on the beach starting a campfire at the (Disney’s) Beach Club, one (Cast Member) demonstrated for me, “Blow in your hand – feel that, it’s a gift to be alive”.

Yesterday was day two of a new start for a dear friend.

Mid Life Celebration.

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Joy Unspeakable – Todd Agnew

Joy unspeakable! The new single by Todd Agnew.

As I was blogging over the weekend, it came on the radio, Z88.3, and it made me think, what a great blog post title.

It is a song about being married.

Cheryl, if you are reading this, today’s post is dedicated to you. Knowing you for 30 years, including the past 26 being married, I feel joy unspeakable.

The only thing more important to me than you is, um, well, nothing.

Have a great day everyone. Married or not, I hope you find joy unspeakable.

The joy is yours to find or simply yours to discover. Sometimes we have joy unspeakable, but are too busy to even notice.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂