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Give Kids The World welcome sign
Last night.
Give Kids The World event with Lee Cockerell
One of the Keynote Speakers is in the background. Bought two VIP tickets so Chapin could hear Lee speak.
Give Kids The World event with Lee Cockerell
John and Rob aren’t Cast Members, but would love to be. They have 15 (7 & 8) children between them.
Give Kids The World event with Lee Cockerell
Front row, VIP (Very Individual Person) seats. Left, Jeff Barnes (also never a Cast Member) was a great moderator. He’s written the “The Wisdom of Walt” book series.


Give Kids The World.

It serves an incredible mission.

Don’t forget, parents with non-terminally ill children, you should be giving your kids the world too.

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Unanswered Questions?

Plant What’s Most Important

Map out where you want to plant what seeds…

It’s so tempting to lose focus and pretend that others – school, Church, Temple, books, classes, relatives – will pass on life’s most important lessons.

I refuse to get sucked into this trap.

There are very specific, on-purpose habits, customs, activities, metaphors, stories that we can plant ourselves, to teach what’s most important.

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Dear Son

If You Don’t Control Your


If you don’t control your temper, you’ll lose your son at 15 or 16.

Can’t teach patience with impatience.

Dear son, thank you for one of my most important lessons as a Father.

You were two when you taught me this.

What important life lesson has a child taught you?

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Can Scorpions Fart?

From The Mouth Of Babes
From The Mouth Of Babes

“Do you have any questions?”, the Brevard Zoo staff member asked the boys.

One six-year old boy threw his arm up in the air, “Can scorpions fart?”

Brevard Zoo. Yesterday, January 24, 2010. Twenty Cub Scouts plus an equal number of Parents.

Our Church has a growing Cub Scout Pack. It shut it’s doors two years ago, due to low enrollment.

Last year, two Dads resurrected our Pack and Twelve boys with a few Tiger Cubs, a few Wolf Cubs, and even fewer Bear Cubs. It was intimate to say the least. And it was my first year having a Wolf Cub.

This year, we’ve tripled. Now our trips have more energy, more unpredictability. More involved Parents. More blessings.

More humor.

Thanks to a couple of dedicated Dads (Rob & Greg) (and also Mike) who led us last year. They could have given up and said it was too much work.

That would not have been very funny.

A Growing Community
A Growing Community

Wanna Touch?
Wanna Touch?

Camel’s Back & The Straw

Ever heard the phrase, “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back”?

It’s a phrase I’ve heard a 1,000 times in America. Camel’s are incredibly strong and resilient. However, they do have a breaking point, a threshold that can be too much, and they collapse.

And when the breaking point is about to be reached, it can be something as small and light as a piece of straw.

Yesterday was like that. Was asked to substitute as lead teacher for last night’s Catechism class. For a variety of reasons (one’s I feel are valid), my son and I skipped Catechism last night.

Just couldn’t do it. Preparing for and leading the class was more than I could bear. Yes, guilt started to overwhelm me. Yes, felt I couldn’t say no, but did anyway.

Yes, from a distance, it only looked like a small and light piece of straw. Carpe diem.

PS. We did do the lesson at home, so our son wouldn’t fall behind.